Wanna be in FDC?


October 1 and 3 - Learn Nights (6:53-9:00 PM), PAC Stage

Parent Meetings - Must attend one or sign the waiver in your child's packet (available online October 3 @ 8 PM)

October 1 and 3 - Learn Nights (7:00-7:45 PM), Choir Room

EVEN if you are exempt from this meeting because your child was in show choir last year, you'll still need to print and sign the Parent Meeting Packet (available online here @ 8 PM on the 10/3) to be returned by your singer on audition day. Thank you!

October 4 - FDC Auditions (4:00 PM- ???), Choir Room 



PML - Choose one song from the Prescribed Music List.
Sheet Music, Learning Tracks, and
Karaoke Tracks are now available.
Click a voice part to explore and download.
Songs are listed by voice part but ANY student can sing ANY song on the PML, regardless of it's classification. The tracks are cut to "16 bars" and you must sing the part of the song that was chosen as a cut. You can add your own "spin," but be careful not to change the integrity of the original piece.



The FDC Pit Audition is the same media used for Jazz Band. Click the link below and follow Stahle's audition instructions to submit for Pit Band. Also, make sure you SIGN-UP on the FDC Pit Interest List outside of the Choir Room. If you are also auditioning for Jazz Band, you don't need to create two recordings. Auditions must be uploaded by 11:59 PM, Friday, September 27th to be considered (and don't forget to sign up as interested outside the Choir Room!) No improvisation section is needed if you are auditioning only for Pit. If you are not auditioning for Jazz Band, send your recording directly to Mr. McGraw:
Sign-Up on the FDC Pit Interest List outside the Choir Room today!


To be considered for Tech, you need to sign-up outside of the Choir Room for an interview time-slot. Interviews will take place on Tuesday, 10/1, and Thursday, 10/3. When interview slots are full, Mr. McGraw will not be adding more. Only approx. 6 applicants will be chosen for Tech this year. Those chosen will be required to be at most FDC rehearsals, so it is important that your schedule allows for that!
I look forward to interviewing you! 
Sign-Up for a Tech Interview outside the
Choir Room today!

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