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Wanna Be In FDC?


Monday 9/11, Tuesday 9/12, & Thursday 9/14

6:53-9:30 PM

PAC Stage & Choir Room

*At the Learn Nights, you will learn the material for both your dance and vocal audition. You do not need to prepare any part of your audition on your own. 

*Vocal and Dance rehearsal aides (tracks, videos, etc.) will be posted here during the week of auditions. 


Tuesday 9/12 & Thursday 9/14

5:30-6:30 PM

Choir Room (P117)

*All parents of potential new FDC members must attend one of the two meetings. All returning parents are encouraged to attend if able. 

*At the conclusion of the meeting, you will need to sign your child's waiver in the Parent Meeting Packet you will receive at the meeting. If you are a returning parent and cannot attend the meeting, the Parent Meeting Packet will be available on this page on Thurs. 9/14. This waiver is your student's ticket to audition, so at the latest, make sure your student brings it with them to the auditions on Friday 9/15. 


Friday, 9/15

Check-In: 3:30-4:00 PM

Auditions: 4:00-8:30 PM (at the latest...last year we were done around 8:00 PM)

Choir Room (vocal auditions) & PAC Stage (dance auditions)

*The Vocal Auditions will take place first. After everyone has completed their Vocal Audition we will take a short 30 minute Dinner Break (bring something with you or have a plan in place to get/eat food quickly). 

*Wear dress clothes for the Vocal Audition and bring a comfortable outfit to change into for the Dance Audition during the Dinner Break.

*The Dance Auditions will follow the Dinner Break.  

*If you have a conflict with attending the auditions you must let Mr. McGraw know ASAP! If your conflict is excused, Mr. McGraw will give you permission to submit a video audition using the link below. 

*If approved by Mr. McGraw, click on the link below to submit a videotaped audition:


*The Audition Results will be posted on on Saturday, 9/16 by 11:59 PM. 

Kick-off night! 

*All students selected for Friend de Coup (singer-dancers, tech, & pit) and at least one parent/guardian is required to attend the Kick-Off Night on Thursday, 9/28 from 6:53-9:30 PM, with a social hour starting at 6:00 PM

*All singer-dancers, pit, & tech complete this form by Thurs. 9/14 @ 11:59 PM.



(no vocals)

You will be taught the vocal audition material on the Learn Nights.
Sheet Music, Part Learning Tracks, Practice Tracks & the Performance Track will be posted here to practice with. 



Instrumentation Needed: 

Piano, bass, drums, guitar, synthesizer (keyboard), auxiliary percussion, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 tenor saxes, and 1 bari sax

To audition: 

  1. List your information on the Interest List outside of the Choir Room.

  2. Fill out the Audition Form linked above.​​

The Audition Form must be completed by Thursday, 9/14 @ 11:59 PM

​  3. Complete live audition for VP on Friday, 9/15,

      @ 3:30 PM in the Band Room.

*Auditions will be held live again this year. Don't be nervous, VP just wants to hear how you play. 

*The audition music will be posted by Monday, 9/11, in the Band Room on the North wall in file folders by instrument. Please notice the cuts and only play the parts you need to. 

*Linked below is a recording of the piece to practice with. Please take it at the same tempo of the recording.

*If you need help with anything or have questions don't hesitate to reach out to VP!

Click here for the pit audition practice tracks! 


Monday, 9/11 & Wednesday, 9/13

To be considered for Tech, you need to sign-up outside of the Choir Room for an interview time-slot. Interviews will take place on Monday, 9/11, and Wednesday, 9/13. When interview slots are full, Mr. McGraw will not be adding more. Only approx. 6 applicants will be chosen for Tech this year. Those chosen will be required to be at most FDC rehearsals, so it is important that your schedule allows for that!
I look forward to interviewing you! 

Don't forget to complete the online Audition Form above!

Sign-Up for a Tech Interview outside the
Choir Room today!
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