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Give your student the opportunity to perform this summer with some of the greatest clinicians, choreographers, and other performers from around the U.S. - send them to SHOW CHOIR CAMP!

Mitchell endorses these two: Nebraska Show Choir Camp (June 9 - 15) and Showchoir Camps of America "SCA" (June 16-22). Each camp has highly qualified clinicians and choreographers - from schools like Ankeny Centennial, Omaha Westside, Wheaton North, Urbandale, John Burroughs! And if you don't know what these things mean, ask your child who is likely a show choir geek. :)

We recommend Nebraska for our younger (current 8th  - 9th grade) performers or those not in FDC yet (or if you are older and have an SCA schedule conflict), and SCA for anyone who is about to be a junior/senior and those who are currently in FDC. 

Registration links are below (fill out the google form once you have registered) and we'll help coordinate travel. Also, current FDC kids will receive $$ towards their camp cost from the boosters.

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