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Friend de Coup 2016-2017


To all the students who poured their love and dedication on stage last night, THANK YOU. You honored your peers and the judges alike by being prepared and showing off your hard work and dedication. That level of preparation means that it was a VERY competitive audition and not everyone will have their name listed below. Know that if you see your name, it was a spot you earned but that many were deserved; never take that lightly or for granted.

If you do not see your name and would like to discuss it with Mrs. Randall, please wait until Monday and come see her in the morning to pick a time to discuss. Randall will not be checking email or texting this weekend to enjoy time with her family and friends, and you should do the same, no matter the outcome!

Much love to you all and congratulations again on all your hard work!

Click here for the list!

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