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All State Choir Information

If your child is not in an All-State Quartet, you do not need to read any further. :)

Ok! All State weekend is upon us!

Here is the ticket order form you will need. Your child knows if they are in quartets sitting in: AA, BB, or CC. If your child is in AA - Sit on the right side of the stage to see them. BB - Sit in the middle. CC - sit on the left side. (House directions, not stage directions). Concert is in the Denny Sanford at 7:00pm on Saturday, October 29.

Students will depart on Thursday, October 27 @ 8:30pm from the HS lot by the choir room. They will spend Thursday and Friday night at the Sheraton Hotel attached to Denny Sanford Center. Hotel Phone # is: (605) 331-0100.

PARENTS MUST PROVIDE RETURN TRANSPORTATION FOR THEIR STUDENTS. This performance is a very big honor and we really want you to be there to support your student. They will be released to your care at the end of the concert Saturday evening.

Packing List:

Formal Concert Attire - Formal Dresses on ladies (not prom), Suiting Attire on gentlemen. Concert black (dark colors) is appropriate. Dress shoes (no sandals)

Choir T shirt (worn Friday)

Last year FDC Practice Shirt (worn Saturday, pre-concert)


Money for 6 meals (5 fast food, one sit down)

We look so forward to celebrating all your child's hard work and dedication. Email if you have any questions!

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