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RENT in Sioux Falls!

Want to join Randall on an excursion to see one of top musicals of the last 20 years? RENT is currently touring and we have a block of tickets available for Monday, November 28. We have room for 1 parent chaperone and up to 26 kids (minimum of 15 to get the group pricing). Students will also have a Q & A with the actors after the show (and one is a good friend of Mrs. Randall!).

Sign Up deadline is THIS Friday (Nov 4) at 4:00pm. Sorry for the quick turn around, but the Pavilion is selling out FAST and we want to be sure to have seats! Payment isn't due until later.

Pricing is $65 per ticket which is just the cost of the ticket itself (this is our group rate from the venue). Fee would need to be paid by November 21 and checks made out to Mitchell High School.

RENT is recommended by the Washington Pavilion for ages 13 and up due to mild language and some adult situations. Please do research as a family to decide if this is an opportunity you'd like to allow your student. This is a strictly OPTIONAL trip.

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