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A note on choir scheduling

Happy August!

Since we are at the point where most of our students have received their schedules, allow me a brief moment to clarify some points about our new choir schedule.

As was discussed with the students last year, in order to build our department and strengthen talent and learning, we have separated out our choirs into more specific ability levels. This is VERY much the standard in most choir departments across America. Just as you wouldn't put a child who hasn't taken Algebra in Calculus, students have different levels of understanding and practice in the world of singing and those elements need to be taken into consideration when building choir classes.

Because certain courses outside of electives are sometimes offered only at one time, it can be difficult for children to be scheduled in a way where they can be in every class they want to be. Most students have a preference in a conflict though - for example if the choir they auditioned into and a specialized science course are offered at the same time, they are likely to have strong feelings towards wanting to drop one or the other.

The counselors have been very supportive and understanding of our needs to move towards this type of class structure, however, as with any first year endeavor, there will be bumps. There are currently students scheduled in the "wrong" choir or worse yet, no choir at all. Rest assured that the school and I will make sure we find the best option for each singer and that in the coming school years, we will get better and more efficient at this process.

If your child is scheduled into a class that they are clearly not meant to be in based on voice part (a soprano in Tenor/Bass choir or a Tenor in Varsity Treble), please let your counselor know so that we can work together to get that adjusted if possible. If your child registered for choir and is not in one, again, please let a counselor know. Otherwise, when I get access to rosters in the next week or so, I will check them over and facilitate movement of your student if necessary based on their audition from May.

I will keep everyone in the loop as I have more information. Thank you, again, for your patience during this time of transition for our choirs.

Mrs. Randall

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